UK Local Listings

Local Listings


We know it would be possible to manually submit your company details to 80 or more local listings sites but it would be both time consuming and monotonous.

This is why to date we have been tasked with creating detailed and eye catching listings for more than thirty independent businesses within the UK.

Our listings will include full contact details as well as website links which boost your websites SEO. Where possible we will also all your company logo for a truly professional look.

Product Description

Local listings can have a huge impact on your websites ability to be found by search engines so for just £50, you’d be crazy not to take us up on this offer.

80 local citation listings on some of the UK’s largest listing pages will help you get found by potential customers and website bots. Your local listings will clearly display all of your business contact information alongside a link to your website and (where applicable) a company logo.