Halloween Package

Halloween Package


If you are looking for a unique way to build your social media followers then why not invest in our Halloween package.

Using a combination of seasonal logo re-designs, social media banners and various animated videos, you can rapidly grow your audience through likes, shares and re-tweets.

Our unique package includes:

  • A custom re-design of your logo especially for Halloween
  •  A social media banner of your choice
  • A crazy Halloween music video featuring you and your staff members
  • Two short social media videos which can be spread across multiple platforms

See below for further examples of each of the elements which make up our Halloween package.

Product Description

Below are examples of our Halloween Package. These can be produced in just five working days from the date of order.

Halloween Social Media Banner. Choose a banner for Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn and we will customize the design to include your company logo and name.

Halloween Social Media Banner


Halloween Company Logo Re-design. We will take your logo and give it a ghoulish twist. This can then be uploaded onto your website, social media thumbnails and any other online platform.

Halloween Logo Design


Halloween Music Video. Send us five head shots of employees, staff or contractors and we will make you a spooky 90 second music video. This alone has been proven to build a companies online audience overnight as they are shared, liked and re-tweeted.


Halloween Video Shorts. These short videos are ideal for posting on your various social media sites during the run up to Halloween. They will also contain a customised message with your website, driving new viewers to your page, further engaging your target audience.