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BMW Coding Pack


Make your BMW truly unique by altering the way it operates, reacts and appears with a simple coding package from Bizzitech.

We can perform a variety re-codes to your F-series BMW.

For just £99 we will provide you with the cable required to connect to your vehicle and then schedule an online session whereby one of our team will make the required changes to your vehicle. You can choose any five of the following:

  • Key fob to open/close mirrors (must have motorized mirrors option)
  • Key fob to open/close trunk (must have motorized trunk lid option)
  • Seat belt chimes disabled drivers and/or passenger side
  • Tail lights work as daytime running lights
  • Fog lights stay on with high beams
  • Fogs enabled as welcome lights
  • DVD in motion (CIC and NBT must be equipped)
  • Legal disclaimers disabled
  • Allow Parking cameras to work at any speed
  • RDC safety enabled (tire temperature and psi shown in navigation screen)
  • Your ringtone transfered over to your car
  • HUD to show turn signal (if fitted)
  • HUD to show Telephone list (if fitted)
  • Change Startup screen of I-drive ( change from BMW connected to M performance)
  • Enable Torque/HP in Navigation (N63 and 550 not applicable)
  • Reduce night automatic headlight sensitivity
  • Enable USB to play XVID, XVCD ( NBT headunit only)
  • Digital speedo readout in gauge cluster
  • Enable door handle LEDs when reversing
  • Angel eyes full brightness / Removes low beam AE dimming
  • Enable European brake force display (BFD)
  • Enable fogs on with high beams
  • Change auto headlight sensitivity to less sensitive
  • One touch blinker change to 4, 5, 6, or 7 blinks
  • Enable DVD/Video in Motion
  • Enable Enhanced Bluetooth

This list is ever evolving so please contact us directly if there is anything you would like coding and we will investigate to see if it’s possible.

NOTE – If you require on-site coding we charge 50p per mile and an additional fee of £50. This service however comes with up to 12 options reprogrammed.

Product Description

For further information of how BMW Coding works or to check of your model can be cutomised, get in touch through our home page enquiry form. Our helpful staff will answer any questions you have regarding BMW coding within 24 hours.

BMW Coding Hampshire