BMW Coding for F-Series Models

If you’ve hear about BMW coding but you’re not sure where to start then we can help.

As a specialist design agency we spend hours and hours playing around with software and it isn’t just limited to websites and PSD packages. We also enjoy playing around with the blueprints to vehicles and following on from numerous client requests, we can now offer full customisation of your BMW F-series vehicles.

This currently includes the following models:

  • BMW F01 – 7 Series
  • BMW F8x – M3 and M4
  • BMW F10 – 5 Series
  • BMW F15 – X5
  • BMW F16 – X6
  • BMW F22 – 2 Series
  • BMW F25 – X3
  • BMW F26 – X4
  • BMW F30 – 3 Series
  • BMW F56 – Mini Cooper and Cooper S
  • BMW I01 – i3 Series

So if you’ve ever wanted to remove the annoying seat belt warning chime, activate sports dials on your I-drive screen or leave the DVD playing whilst in motion, get in touch and we can discuss a wide range of possibilities available.

To code your BMW you will need to do one of two things:

  1. Book an appointment for one of our team to come to you and code your BMW in person (additional charges apply)
  2. Purchase the cable through our online store and we will remotely install the required software onto your laptop and walk you through how to code your vehicle via a screen share.


If you’re ready to unlock the Ultimate Driving Machine then click the link below and view this in our store.