Seasonal Video

Christmas, Easter, Valentine’s Day or Halloween, we all enjoy a bit of seasonal cheer and spend the day trawling through thoughtless posts and messages from friends, families and businesses alike on social media platforms. Maybe its time for a bespoke fun video.

So why is it that a company can spend thousands on its brand only to deliver a half-hearted attempt when customers are crying out for something a little different?

We surprised one of our team on her birthday last year by creating Fake News (albeit before that term was being bandied around) which went down a storm, gathering over 3,000 social media views in less than 24 hours.


Most surprising for us was a ten second Christmas videos that ended up becoming the second most popular upload on our YouTube channel in 2016.

So how does a video which is so low-cost produce such high value?

These videos are simple, easily digested by viewers and engaging enough to grab the attention of the viewer without becoming a bore. People also love seeing their co-workers, parents or peers appearing in these videos which can cause a tidal wave of shares and likes, occasionally taking your video viral and seen by the masses.

Our unique videos start from as little as £25 and we have concepts and designs for EVERY occasion so take a minute to browse the clips below and then hit the SHOP button to discover what we can do for you.