The Story of ….

As the owners of various SME’s we’ve watched the digital world leap forward at a rate that many of us cannot comprehend. More so, we’ve seen the impact that being left behind can have on the balance sheet.

Digital Design Agency 

Getting the Balance Right

The early (Pre-Bizzitech) days were spent attempting to figure out the best ways of engaging our new customers as well as keeping our database of loyal fans interested and excited about our products and services with varying success. Whilst taking time to learn the various tasks that a Digital Design Agency perform on a daily basis was rewarding, it was also apparent that the more time we spent becoming techy, the less time we spent doing what we love – finding the right products and services for our loyal customers.

We knew we were not the only people who were feeling the strain of balancing the core of the business with innovation so we started to think about how we could lead the sectors we operate in, without haemorrhaging the accounts.

 Digital Design Agency

New Beginnings

Bizzitech Digital Design Agency was born and with it an exciting opportunity for our small but efficient team. We started speaking to many individuals who could offer their service to our agency and slowly but surely our database of freelance specialists was developed. The vetting process to gauge the quality of their work was based on them performing tasks for our current businesses. Therefore, if they impressed and in many cases went above and beyond, they were entered onto our system. If they lacked the professionalism, drive and attention to detail we required, they were thanked and put to one side.

This means that each and every website designer, animator, and voice-over artist has been tried and tested to ensure they meet the Bizzitech expectation.

Currently, we outsource around 70% of our work to developers, designers and digital geniuses allowing us to keep the overheads incredibly low. This in turn is passed on to our customers, meaning we can operate a LOW COST design agency which performs with the same quality of the larger firms.

So talk to us… We are human beings who love to interact and each project we take on is truly bespoke based on the needs and requirements of our audience.

No job is too small and our dedicated team will guarantee the same level of service when designing a funny birthday video as they would building an on-going digital engagement strategy.

We are Bizzitech – Your One Stop Shop for Digital Design