Voice Over

Whilst we firmly believe that an efficient website is the most powerful tool you have to attract customers to your business, why are some forward thinking organisations now looking at voice over options for both their online and offline projects?

Voice Over Recording

The question really is; do people interpret written and spoken information in the same way?

As you’ve probably guessed, the answer is NO.

A recent study of a major manufacturing plant in the USA revealed that the senior executives had been oblivious to their verbal communication strategy for years.

Voice over and narrative for their products being advertised were non-existent and they were falling behind the competition.


“It’s interesting to me that we have considered so many facets of communication in the company, but have inadvertently overlooked listening. I’ve about decided that it’s the most important link in the company’s communications, and it’s obviously also the weakest one.”


So how are the companies Bizzitech work with using voice over and audio supplement?

The most common use of voice over is for explainer videos that are complimented by a purpose designed narrative. To give our clients the greatest choice of dialect, accent and tone, we have partnered up with an outsourced agency who have almost three hundred individual recording artists on their books.

This means we can produce quality voice over to compliment your explainer video, giving your customers the desired information in the tone they are most comfortable with.

Voice over artist in the studio

Other uses of audio are typically for hold message projects, radio advertising and internal training productions.

So whatever your next project entails, consider the factors surrounding how your message will be seen, heard and most importantly interpreted.

Can voice over take it to the next level and make what is initially looking like a good experience exceptional?


To view examples of our voice over projects please view our Bizzitech online store or follow the link below.

Voice Over